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New Study On Impact of School Libraries

Ever hear someone say, "Why do we need school libraries? We can just 'Google it'." Well. THIS is why: (via NYLA) School Libraries DO Increase Student Achievement:

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Libraries in the Internet Age

A special thanks to Don Watkins (@Don_Watkins) for passing this video along. It echos something I've mentioned many times before. Libraries and librarians are the original information managers and, more importantly, the Internet didn't/doesn't make them obsolete. Rather the Internet has enhanced the library in being able to provide the comprehensive, effective and correlated information.

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InfoGraphic: Librarian Twitter Chats

Are you a librarian, signed up for Twitter but don't really use it? Not sure of who or what to follow? The first step is to engage, and in order to engage in the Librarian-Twitter community you have to know when the events are. It's a great way to see what other librarians are talking about from current issues to future trends in libraries and technology.

Here is a very nice Info Graphic that contains the #hashtags of many of the librarian chats on Twitter -- 7 days a week.

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Time for a change: Libri Sibyllini 2.0

It’s time for a change. All things run their course, and in time (very much like Spring cleaning) there comes a point when it’s best to wipe the slate clean and start anew.


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