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Monitoring Your Children's Digital World

Among parents of 13- to 17-year-olds:

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ICANN Now International

Passing the baton: (via NPR) U.S. Prepares To Relinquish Oversight Of Internet To International Body (interview transcript) /

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Windows 10: Rush Hour on the Internet

Don't make any plans. The Windows 10 roll-out is going to place a strain on the Internet of things: (via Windows Central) Windows 10 rollout puts massive strain on web traffic /

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Libraries in the Internet Age

A special thanks to Don Watkins (@Don_Watkins) for passing this video along. It echos something I've mentioned many times before. Libraries and librarians are the original information managers and, more importantly, the Internet didn't/doesn't make them obsolete. Rather the Internet has enhanced the library in being able to provide the comprehensive, effective and correlated information.

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Yes Virginia, Television is Waning

This probably can be filed under the "No Surprise" category, but two fairly recent articles point to the fact the use of television is waning. One is from Pew Research; the other an article from ZDNet.

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