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The 27 Percent

Apparently 27% feel there's not need for collaboration. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Apparently there are those that feel academic segregation is the key to greater student success? Because when you don't collaborate students achieve? Think there are some flaws in that logic.

(via eCampus) Faculty: Why should we collaborate with campus librarians? /

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InfoGraphic: Librarian Twitter Chats

Are you a librarian, signed up for Twitter but don't really use it? Not sure of who or what to follow? The first step is to engage, and in order to engage in the Librarian-Twitter community you have to know when the events are. It's a great way to see what other librarians are talking about from current issues to future trends in libraries and technology.

Here is a very nice Info Graphic that contains the #hashtags of many of the librarian chats on Twitter -- 7 days a week.

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Upcoming events: Fall Sharing

I would just like to remind everyone that my colleagues and I will be presenting at the School Library Association of Western New York (SLAWNY) Fall sharing event tomorrow.  We will be speaking on RDA and how it will effect cataloging and school libraries as we move forward.

Session: MARC Records, Cataloging,  and YOU! Improve and enhance your MARC records. Topics discussed will include 658 fields, RDA standardization of prefixes,  and reading levels. Appropriate for users of any library automation system.

Professional Outline

Below is an abbreviated outline of my professional skills and experience. If you wish to contact me for a complete resume including former employers (omitted for privacy reasons) please click here to send me an E-mail.

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