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Data Sharing

A wealth of information just asking to be mined by everyone:
(via Reuters) Cyber data-sharing measure headed for Senate approval /

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Cisco Acquisition

An acquisition on the Internet of Things. As more devices become connected there is just that much more need for network security, and Cisco is positioning for it:
(via ZDNet) Cisco snaps up cybersecurity firm Lancope /

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Out in a Flash

If you haven't noticed it already the latest update to Firefox is now blocking Adobe Flash:

(via Gizmodo) Firefox Now Blocks Flash By Default (Update) /

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Stepping Up Security

Tightening things up: (ZDNet) Secure web gets push from Wikipedia switch to HTTPS and Apple iOS 9 recommendation /

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HTTPS Websites at Risk

*** Several weaknesses discovered: (ZDNet) Logjam security flaw leaves top HTTPS websites, mail servers vulnerable /


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