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Missouri vs. Google

They've asked to "show me:" (via Reuters) Google faces antitrust investigation in Missouri /

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Google Maps: Navigation Voice

I don’t think there are many people that would make this adjustment, but I wanted to pass it along as an oddity that I recently discovered on Android Oreo (I don’t know if this is true on other flavors of Android). It isn’t anything Earth shattering, and I doubt if many would come across it.


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Google Docs Error

When the clouds are stormy: (via MB) Google Docs Is Randomly Flagging Files for Violating Its Terms of Service /

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You're Getting It And That's Final

Honeybadger don't care: (via TT) 

Google Doesn’t Care What Domain You’re Searching From, It’ll Give You Local Search Results Anyway /

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Battling Fake News

Libraries have been doing Information Literacy for years: (ENG) 

Google partners with fact-checking network to fight fake news /


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