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Getting More Like Apple Every Day

This has no doubt been on Google's agenda for sometime. Call it there desire to un-ring a bell of a failed business plan structure. They had previously thrown Android OS into the wild. Different phone manufactuers gobbled it up. Which worked for a while, but then things began to slide off the rails. Too many flavors of the same ice cream sandwich.

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What APIs and Oranges Have In Common

A legal case on defining fair use. Oracle is stating Google stole 11,000 lines of code to power Android. Google doesn't deny it (obviously it's that blatant), but is saying it did so under fair use. I like the article quote, "Google argued that APIs shouldn't be copyrighted at all, but lost on appeal." Well, yeah they lost on appeal. By that reasoning you can argue that oranges should be free in the grocery store. Maybe they should be. Maybe they shouldn't.

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Copyright News: More arguments to come

Meanwhile an army of lawyers are sharpening their pencils for the retaliatory strike. Its all about defining what is is. Or in this case, what is fair use?

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Google Chrome and Your 386 Machine

To put it simply, don't try it. It's an older story, but time flies and here we are on the threshold of April 2016. So something to keep in mind if you like holding onto that 386 machine you're still clinging to like a handheld can opener, and those rabbit ears on top of your black and white television.

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Meet Atlas

Meet Atlas. There is no word on whether or not he'll compete on the next American Gladiators.

For clarification as the article states, "Atlas was created to perform disaster recovery in places unsafe for humans, such as damaged nuclear power plants." Which to me sounds logical and in a way another version of bomb disposal robotic units.


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