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Monitoring Your Children's Digital World

Among parents of 13- to 17-year-olds:

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Poverty effect on school performance

It probably comes to no surprise there's a direct relationship between income levels and education. Still, here is some sobering news from the following blog post by SmartBlog:

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Tune into Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Networks, FM Radio, RDS, and more. A possible answer to slow wi-fi: (via NPR) Slow Wi-Fi? FM Radio Might Help With That /,

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It's One Small Step for Robot...

... one giant leap for mankind: (via Yahoo!) DARPA’s Humanoid Robots Take a Slow-Motion Leap Forward /

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Smartphones Re-training the Brain

Re-training the brain, and the thumb: (via Reuters) Smartphone use changing our brain and thumb interaction, say researchers /

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