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World Record DDoS Attack, Again

Bigger by the day: (via ZDNet) New world record DDoS attack hits 1.7Tbps days after landmark GitHub outage /

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DoS Hijacking Routers

DoS vulnerability: (via PCW) Flaws let attackers hijack multiple Linksys router models /

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DDoS Increase In 2015 2nd Quarter

The lesson here is if it’s on the Internet it’s hackable. 7% in 2nd Quarter of 2015, and 132% from this time last year:  (via PCW) Attackers increasingly abuse insecure routers and other home devices for DDoS attacks /

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Cyber Warfare

Cyberattacks, cease-fires, and through the looking glass: (via NPR) Report: To Aid Combat, Russia Wages Cyberwar Against Ukraine /

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DoS Tsunami

'Largest' DoS attack hit Asian datacenter this year: / "Traffic hit upwards of 334Gbps, which accounts for tens of thousands of connections." (via ZDNet)


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